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Deliver an unbeatable player reward experience

Flexible casino gifting technology from InfiGifts lets you reward your players with the gifts and experiences they want to see. Revitalize your gift inventory with top branded gifts. Realign your program logistics to streamline costs. And reimagine what’s possible with your entire loyalty program.
For your players
Tiered rewards, superior gifts
Get access to a huge catalog of gifts and rewards - including the latest, branded products - that players want to redeem. Create tiered rewards and make sure your most valued players get the gifts they deserve, and keep coming back to your casino floor.
For your casino
No storage, no extra staffing
Eliminate all the unnecessary, wasted costs of traditional gifting programs, without impacting player experiences. Say goodbye to storage and the need for extra staff on giveaway days. InfiGifts can ship directly to you, or your players, depending on how you want to gift.
For your players
No lines, no stockouts
Revitalize player satisfaction and loyalty with a reward experience that always delivers. Eliminate long lines at redemption desks and guarantee the gifts your players want - no stockouts, no rain checks. It’s the convenience that keeps your players playing.
For your casino
Lower costs, higher return
With no inventory risk, no storage costs and reduced staffing requirements, you’ll see huge savings on your reward program. And with your gifting realigned to player preferences and value, you’ll increase the return on all your loyalty efforts.

It’s casino gifting, your way.

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Dozens of casinos have reimagined their gifting programs

Run the gifting promotions and events you want

InfiGifts lets you run your gifting programs your way. You choose how you want to reward
your players and we help you deliver.

VIP Gifting

Target your most valuable players with tailored monthly and quarterly gifting events that offer exclusive, high value branded rewards. 


Anniversary Rewards

Embrace your players’ special occasions and encourage them to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries on your casino floor.


Points Shopping

Give your players more reasons to earn points with a shopping reward program that encourages players to redeem and reduces point liability.


Employee Rewards

Thank your staff for all their hard work with a dedicated, low cost gifting program that rewards longevity or service. 


Monthly Gifting

Transform your traditional gifting efforts with a play-to-earn program that gives players the best choice of rewards every week and month.


Themed Events

Theme your promotions to special events or holidays, with expert curated gift catalogs from our team. Minimal effort, maximum reward. 

Try it out today

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1000s of top-branded
products to help you gift
your way
The guaranteed way to get your valued players back onto your casino floor

With InfiGifts’ geo-fenced app, we make sure all your gifting and reward programs - however you want to run them - bring

your players onto your casino floor to redeem. We help you target your rewards for increased ROI and we encourage your players to spend more. 

Minimize your operational challenges and maximize your promotional ROI with InfiGifts

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