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Our advanced gifting solution is making waves in the industry.
Take a look at all our latest PR & media coverage here.

Focus on InfiGifts: Gifting for the casino’s highest value players is easier with InfiGifts

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Focus on InfiGifts: Partnering with casino technology providers to deliver gifting

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Casino Science to integrate InfiGifts with Passport Technology’s Lush kiosk

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InfiGifts, Passport reimagine casino

loyalty programs

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Acres Partners with InfiGifts to Modernize Casino Gifting

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InfiGifts unveils new service

ahead of G2E

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Focus on InfiGifts: Delivering points shopping and player loyalty gifting ahead of IGA conference

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InfiGifts expands

offering to casinos

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InfiGifts aims to put the joy back into

giving for casino operators


Keep on Giving

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