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Reimagine the potential of casino gifting

InfiGifts is the gifting and promotion technology platform that lets you run your casino gifting programs
your way. Backed by powerful data and tailored insights, it supports all your existing systems and
technology. No complicated set-up. Just simpler, better gifting.
One powerful portal

Using our intuitive gifting portal, you choose the gifts you want to offer your players and run your gifting program however you’d like. Our team is on hand to support you with gift selection and our data scientists can help you maximize ROI with player targeting and reward tiers.

Explore gifting options
One simple app

Your players open (or download) the app, linked to your casino, and browse through their reward options. Using smart geo-fenced technology, players can only redeem a gift when they’re on your casino floor, encouraging incremental trips. They select and we deliver straight to their home.

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Your revitalized, realigned, reimagined player reward experience

See exactly how InfiGifts can deliver more valuable rewards to your players, streamline
your gifting logistics and drive a higher return for all your gifting programs.
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1. Browse for rewards


2. Redeem instantly on-site

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3. Get gifts delivered to home

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casinos have to say
about InfiGifts
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Works with your existing systems

InfiGifts works with every casino management system. With no integration required, no infrastructure hardware needed and no software requirements, you’re ready to revitalize your gifting program in no time. 

Works with your existing processes

However you want to reward your players, InfiGifts supports you. Whether you want to enhance your traditional gifting efforts or reimagine your entire loyalty program, our software is built to work for you.

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Works for you and your players

Our unrivaled customer support - including access to a ‘real person’ live chat for your players - ensures we keep every part of your gifting on track. From gift choice to shipping status, we’re here for you and your players.

It’s casino gifting, your way

Minimize your operational challenges and maximize your promotional ROI with InfiGifts

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